WINGS Speaking Ministry

WINGS is a speaking ministry designed to encourage others to discover their God-given life and take flight to find their place in the world:

W – Who are you?
I – Identify what makes you unique: gifts, heart’s desire, talents
N – Never give up; keep learning, growing, and reaching
G – God is your launch and landing pad
S – Step out in faith; the world needs you to be you

I enjoy speaking to groups of any size in person, via Skype, or online about the many facets of writing, personal growth, authenticity, and discovering our unique, God-designed place in the world. Presentations can be tailored to a group’s particular needs and interests.

Speaking Topics

For Writers:
A Writer’s Journey – One writer’s journey from blank page to award-winning books
The Path to Independent Publishing – A new world of opportunity for writers, with its own successes and pitfalls
Combining Faith and Fiction – Writing from a faith perspective is more than Bible verses

Especially For Women:
Who Are You? And Who Gets to Decide? – Discovering who we are can be tricky business
Midlife Crisis or Opportunity? – It’s all about attitude (with a little help from Spandex)
Keeping the “Why” in You – Current trends can make us question ourselves, our faith, our purpose
One of Me – Society tells us who we “should” be from a young age, so it’s essential to know and stand firm on your personal truth

General Topics:
Go Ahead-Disturb the Universe – You’ve got the gifts; now go do something with them!
Me? Make a difference? – The better question is why not you?

Click HERE for more information and to schedule an event.

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