Welcome to WINGS!


As an author and speaker, my goal is to inspire, encourage, and entertain. I’ve discovered that living on my terms, using my energy, gifts, and brain power, usually means things fall apart fast. On my own, I’m a mess. But when I let my Creator step in, front and center, I have the strength, courage, and grace to meet whatever each day offers. It’s not always pretty, but it’s better than what I can do on my own. It’s through this constant process of discovery, change, and stepping out in faith that I discovered my wings.

WINGS is a speaking ministry designed to encourage others to discover their God-given life and take flight to find their place in the world:

W – Who are you?
I – Identify what makes you unique: gifts, heart’s desire, talents
N – Never give up; keep learning, growing, and reaching
G – God is your launch and landing pad
S – Step out in faith; the world needs you to be you

I enjoy speaking to groups of any size in person, via Skype, or online about the many facets of writing, personal growth, authenticity, and discovering our unique, God-designed place in the world. Presentations can be tailored to a group’s particular needs and interests.

I blog about life, books, family, and where God fits in at www.stacymonson.com.

Speaking Topics

For Writers:
A Writer’s Journey – One writer’s journey from blank page to award-winning books
The Path to Independent Publishing – A new world of opportunity for writers, with its own successes and pitfalls
Combining Faith and Fiction – Writing from a faith perspective is more than Bible verses

Especially For Women:
Who Are You? And Who Gets to Decide? – Discovering who we are can be tricky business
Midlife Crisis or Opportunity? – It’s all about attitude (with a little help from Spandex)
Keeping the “Why” in You – Current trends can make us question ourselves, our faith, our purpose
One of Me – Society tells us who we “should” be from a young age, so it’s essential to know and stand firm on your personal truth

General Topics:
Go Ahead-Disturb the Universe – You’ve got the gifts; now go do something with them!
Me? Make a difference? – The better question is why not you?


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